Tracy; I'm film obsessed, a historian, a painter, a costumer; I love the blues, Led Zeppelin, comedy, and spend most of my time doing research.

I really really like the guy I’ve been dating for the past month

my fucking iphone camera won’t focus anymore and like what even is life about 

haha cool, so do you like steve buscemi? —me sexting (via stevebuscemi4prez)

everytime I check my inbox there’s all these anons that I was never notified about and they are freaking the fuck out bc I didn’t answer them, but tbh, they keep calling me a cunt so like, idek what to say to that so like, whatev anon.

keep on keepin on 

sneezing on your period is such a terrifying experience 

Marilyn photographed by Andre de Dienes.

Christoph Waltz by Joachim Gern

I was nominated by the glorious meowth812 to share five random facts about myself

1- I can read Latin pretty well 

2- I spent most my childhood in museums behind the scenes

3- I have a screen accurate science officer’s uniform from Star Trek TOS

4- I was born in Mons, Belgium 

5- Tim Curry was my first human crush 

I nominate astairical, layesica, zoop-loop, havardlawreject, himteckerjam, divorced-dads, and any of you other good folks who might was to do this